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Mary, a former school teacher, plays the organ and loves her dog, Tina. Her caregiver, Emerald, is able to take her places where she can hear the laughter of children. Mary is memory-impaired and was not functioning well after her husband died last year. She feared leaving her home prior to her care. Your gift will provide a few more visits from her caregiver.


Jackie, a former teacher, has limited physical mobility because of a hip fracture and Parkinson’s disease. Although her husband lives with her, a caregiver allows Jackie to feel safe in her day-to-day activities. A caregiver allows her the opportunity to look beautiful when she goes to a family function with her seven children and many great-grandchildren and gives her husband the peace of mind of knowing that she has a skilled person dedicated to her care. A caregiver also allows her husband to have a little respite so he can continue the activities he loves.


Jeri is a 90-year-old going on 50. Although her mind is intact her body doesn't seem to cooperate. After a recent hospitalization, Jeri needed constant help for most of the things we take for granted. She needs assistance with many of the activities of daily living like getting dressed, preparing meals and transferring into and out of chairs. Your gift could provide one more caregiver visit and a chance for Jeri to walk in the park and smell the fresh orange blossoms in her neighborhood.


George retired from the Aerospace Industry as a machinist until memory impairment and a severe hearing loss stopped him from doing the things he loves, like swimming and visiting the ocean. George is physically very fit but requires constant prompting in order for him to feel safe. Your gift gives George the chance to go for a swim and even dip his toes in the ocean.


Shirley has extremely limited physical mobility and requires a constant caregiver. She loves her two small dogs and the caregiver makes sure they are snuggling with her when she needs them. Shirley is now able to go to the park with the help of her caregiver and a motorized wheelchair. She is also assisted by equipment which helps a caregiver transfer her from bed to her motorized wheelchair. When asked how she keeps her beautiful skin she explained she has a collection of parasols and has used them for years.


J.V. is a 57 year old Escondido resident. She came to us in July after falling prey to a financial scam where she lost over $8,000.
In addition, she was looking to move out of a home where she was renting a room due to unsafe and unsanitary conditions. She was behind in her medical insurance payments and her cell phone had been turned off. She was very upset and desperate. She originally went to Interfaith’s main office and was referred to Interfaith for their Senior Emergency Fund.
J.V. was (and still is) a registered nurse. She became ill 10 years ago with a neuromuscular disorder and was unable to work. Since then, she has been on disability. Her medical insurance and phone access is very important with her illness. Although she has filed a police report, she will never recover the money she lost with the scam.
We were able to assist her by covering her medical insurance payments for two months, and pay her past due phone bills. This assistance helped her get into a new home where she now rents a room and feels safe. This assistance came at a very dire time in her life and she expressed her appreciation with tears and thanks.


D.W. is a 67 year old Vista resident. He lives alone in a mobile home he has owned for 20 years. Mr. W. has had numerous strokes and has difficulty communicating. In the months preceding our assistance, he was very ill and fell behind in his space rental. Although the mobile home park helped him as much as they could, he was experiencing a crisis in his housing and his budget.
He is a very proud gentleman and it was difficult for him to seek help, but he ultimately connected with Interfaith and they were able to assist him to catch up with his rent and get a month ahead with the help of the Senior Emergency Fund. This eased Mr. W.’s stress which was very helpful with his medical conditions. He called twice since then to reiterate his appreciation for the assistance.


Mr. & Mrs. C. 
This couple originally contacted Interfaith for minor home repairs. They are married seniors in Vista with very low incomes.
Recent rains had devastated the roof of their mobile home. During rain, the entire mobile home would leak causing damage and making it an unsafe environment. Since the repairs were out of the scope of what Interfaith’s minor repair service does, they were referred instead for the Senior Emergency Fund program. Luckily, they found a caring contractor who gave them a discounted rate to fix the roof. The Fund was able to pay for the repair and they were thrilled!


K.K. is a 67 year old senior in Escondido. When we received a call from her she was homeless, had been living temporarily in a motel but could no longer afford to stay there. At that point, she didn’t know where she would go when the week was out. Disabled and using a walk- er – she knew she wouldn’t last on the streets and she had lost her car because she couldn’t afford the payments. Although thrilled to receive a call from a property where she had been on a waiting list for a studio apartment, she had no funds for the deposit and the first few weeks of rent because of the extra money she had spent on the motel.
Because K.K. had no means of transportation and needed to quickly move from the motel, In- terfaith went out to visit her and the property manager to work out the details for her to move in. With the help of the funding the Foundation for Senior Wellbeing was able to provide to Inter- faith’s Senior Emergency Fund, she was able to avoid being homeless on the street and was able to stabilize her life.

The Inspiration for Our Mission

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